CDA Time to Listen Blog Has Moved

Dear followers,

We are happy to announce that the Time to Listen blog is “moving” to a new address! As we have mentioned in our Annual Report for 2012-2013, CDA is aiming to increase the ways that we integrate our four programs and work as a unified organization.

Working towards that goal, we have established our new blog CDA Perspectives which will bring to you insights, thoughts and key messages from CDA’s Corporate Engagement Program, Do No Harm Program, Listening Program and Reflecting on Peace Practice Program. There you may also find your favorite posts that have been previously posted on the Time to Listen blog.

Thank you for listening, reading, commenting and inspiring the blog posts we shared with you in the past. Please subscribe to CDA Perspectives – and read its first post by Robert Chambers who kindly allowed us to repost it from the IDS blog.

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Hoping to see and hear from you on Perspectives!

Dayna Brown

Director of the Listening Program, CDA